Who qualifies for Community Land Trust?

  • Anyone who meets the Income Guidelines.
  • Anyone who has good credit and can obtain a mortgage through one of our participating lenders: North Shore Mortgage, US Bank, Summit Mortgage, and Bell Bank.


North Shore Mortgage: mortgagemailbox@northshore.bank, 218-733-5549

US Bank: Troy Deadrick, troy.deadrick@usbank.com, 218-723-2820

US Bank: Tim Fischer, timothy.fischer@usbank.com, 218-723-2847

Summit Mortgage: Sarah Zahler, szahler@summit-mortgage.com, 763-370-6785

Summit Mortgage: Sheri Johnson, sjohnson@summit-mortgage.com, 218-393-3576

Bell Bank: Mark Anunti, manunti@bell.bank, 218-310-3493

Income Guidelines

Buyers only have to income qualify at the time of original purchase

The income limits are based on the taxable gross income of all adults who will be living in the household at the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not they will be on the mortgage. All income is counted, including regular employment wages, plus child support, alimony, social security and disability benefits. Buyers only have to income qualify at the time of original purchase. Their income is never monitored again, and there is no limit on how much they can earn in the future.

Household Size 2023 Duluth Income Limits
1 $50,600
2 $57,800
3 $65,050
4 $72,250
5 $78,050
6 $83,850
7 $89,600
8 $95,400



DULUTH, MN 55805

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