Everyone deserves a home,
everyone deserves choices.

These are the values that the staff and board of One Roof use to guide our work. We meet people where they are at. We work hard to say yes. Whether that yes is finding the right referral, or helping people to identify what the ‘right home’ is and what their options can be. We want to provide the opportunity for all people to have healthy, affordable homes because we know it changes lives and families.

One Roof’s mission statement is enriching lives and communities, one home at a time.  One Roof makes home a better place by helping lower income people find and fix their homes, and by providing housing development services to the community.  This work results in better places for lower income people in the community to live and stronger neighborhoods.

One Roof has proven strategies that bring multiple agencies, partners and funding resources together to both redevelop portions of the aging housing stock and to develop new housing products to meet the needs of younger and older working households.

DULUTH, MN 55805

Office Hours:

*In-person appointments and office visits are by appointment only.  Please call 727-5372 to schedule an appointment!

Phone: (218) 727-5372

Fax: (218) 727-9368

Email: info@1roofhousing.org

One Roof Community Housing Copyright 2021
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