Repair & Remodel Loans

For home improvement projects large and small.

One Roof Community Housing offers affordable loan programs* for home improvements. Our loans can assist homeowners in the City of Duluth, the City of Superior and surrounding areas at virtually any income level as well as owner-occupied single and multi-family rental properties.

If you are a One Roof Community Land Trust homeowner, fill out the Home Improvement Request form first.

Start here by completing an online service request.

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One Roof staff will review the submission to find the loan options that work best for you and strive to provide the most affordable payment options. We are an equal opportunity lender and only finance home improvement projects; we are not a contractor and we do not do repairs or contract work. Your bid(s) or project estimate(s) will be required.

The following documentation will be required to complete your application.  The **asterisked items will be helpful in completing your online service request.  Due to the variety of programs we offer, we cannot determine program qualification and/or its interest rate, term, or approval status until we have received all required documentation.  

  • Information Disclosure Authorization – PDF available below
  • **Paystubs covering last 30 days (60 days if pay is inconsistent)
  • **Most recent year’s W2’s and/or two years’ tax returns for self-employment
  • **Other income documentation (award letters, pension information, unemployment documentation, child support or foster care payment history covering last six months and court order, etc.)          
  • **Mortgage statement (most current copy) or Contract for Deed and information regarding any 2nd mortgages, home equity loans, grants, etc.
  • Bank statements covering the last 90 days

Write a brief description directly on your bank statement for all deposits over $50.00.  A transaction history will not be accepted.  Contact your financial institution for copies of your statements if needed.  Include all pages of your statements, including blank pages.  Ensure your financial institution is listed on your statements (an official stamp on each page is acceptable).  

  • **Property tax statement
  • Homeowner’s insurance declaration page (showing policy number and effective dates)
  • **Licensed bids/estimates for work to be completed or materials list for items that remain permanent to the home and/or tool rental.  List must include the vendor’s name, item descriptions, and prices.  You will be required to resubmit the list if ineligible items are found. Be sure to save your work for editing

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* Loan and program availability dependent upon funding.

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