Owner Occupancy & Homeowner Insurance

The homeowner shall occupy the Home for at least eight (8) months of each year of this Lease, unless otherwise agreed by One Roof and subject to any restrictions required by the entities providing funding and subsidies for the Home. If One Roof suspects or is notified through the City of Duluth Life Safety Division (or the equivalent in other cities) that the homeowner is not residing at the home, we will ask for proof of occupancy which may include a visit with homeowner at their home. The occupancy requirement is met if a relative is living in the home as their primary residence but the original homeowner is not, such as a child that grew up in the home is now an adult and remains in the home but the parent/original owner has now moved out. Please let us know of this transition by filling out the Owner Occupancy Wavier Request below. You may also request a wavier of the occupancy requirement if you know you will be gone for an extended period of time such as for military deployment, temporary job relocation, staying with ailing parents, etc. The homeowner committee will review each wavier request and respond within two weeks of receipt.

Homeowner’s Insurance protects your home and the equity you have built in your home through making monthly mortgage payments from being lost due to fire, water or hail damage. It also protects the home from being lost from the community land trust portfolio. This is why it is required in the land lease that you must carry homeowner’s insurance. Most homeowners will have their homeowner insurance premiums escrowed with their mortgage. If you have paid off your mortgage or do not have your homeowner insurance premiums being escrowed, request that your insurance company sends One Roof a copy of your Declaration Page at each renewal or you can email it to info@1roofhousing.org. This is how you will remain in compliance with the land lease agreement.

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