Building a Fence

Contact the City you live in and review their requirements. 

City of Duluth requires an application and a permit 

City of Proctor requires an application 

City of Cloquet requires application and permit 

City of Two Harbors has guidelines 

City of Grand Marais has no information online. Call City Hall (218) 387-1848

Locate your lot lines. When you purchased your home, a plat drawing of your property was prepared by the title company and attached to your title commitment. A plat drawing shows the approximate measurements of the lot lines. 

The +/- on the plat drawing means that the lot line is more than or less than a couple of feet (it is not exact). A plat drawing can help locate property pins (if a previous survey was done). You may want to get a Property survey done ($1500/approx.) for exact lines if not able to locate survey pins on plat drawing provided. It is the homeowner erecting the fence’s responsibility to know where the property boundaries are. A dispute as to location of property lines is a civil matter between landowners.

Talk with your neighbors as a courtesy and to maintain a good relationship.

Call before you dig. 811 or (800)252-1166

DULUTH, MN 55805

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