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Common questions and experiences from homeowners guide this resource list. In general, for home maintenance topics, an internet search and YouTube videos are a great place to start. For non-emergency financial, physical & mental health, childcare, employment, taxes, etc. is a 24/7 resource.  Please share additional resources to This list is not exhaustive, and new resources may develop and some may expire.

Whether you want to get out of debt or plan for your future, a budget and assistance from a financial counselor can get you there. When you own a home, house upkeep and maintenance emergencies are two new line items to add to your savings budget.

Community Action Duluth offers a free class called Common Cents and Integrated Coaching Program for credit building, budgeting, asset building, and debt reduction. Call (218) 726-1665. Lutheran Social Services provides free financial counseling. Get in better financial shape with these free resources.

As per your Land Lease, you are responsible for paying all taxes and assessments associated with your property. Why the homeowner is responsible for paying the property taxes is because the homeowner gets the benefit, “quiet enjoyment” of the land; One Roof does not per Article 4.7 of your Land Lease Agreement. 

Typically, property taxes will be escrowed with your mortgage and paid by your mortgage holder. If you pay off your mortgage, you will need to make plans to save this money throughout the year and pay the property taxes on your own. 

As with all homeowners, the interest portion of your mortgage payment is tax deductible. If you itemize your federal income taxes, the property taxes that are paid are also tax deductible. 

Be sure to apply for a Property Tax Refund    

Check your Homestead Status on your property tax statement. If it does not say “Homestead”, contact the county accessor to get this changed which will give you a reduction on your property taxes.

St. Louis County

Carlton County

Lake County

Cook County

Then apply for the Homestead Credit, 

If you or your spouse is 65 years of age or older, check if you qualify for Property Tax Deferral for Senior Citizens.

  • Notify One Roof. Let us know if you are at risk of foreclosure or struggling to pay bills. We may have resources to help.  
  • Connect with a HUD-approved housing counselor. This is especially important if you are facing foreclosure. HUD-approved housing counselors provide free, unbiased, confidential services to help homeowners make choices to address their housing needs. Lutheran Social Services is our local HUD-approved housing counseling organization. Call (888) 577-2227 or email
  • Contact your mortgage servicer to discuss what options may be available to you to avoid foreclosure. You can learn more at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau
  • Income-eligible households can apply for Energy Assistance Program (EAP). Go online or contact AEOA for an application: Outside of Duluth call (800)662-5711, City of Duluth call (218)623-3011
  • If you qualify for Energy Assistance (EAP) and are in the MN Power service area, you are eligible for an electric bill discount through MN Power’s CARE Program. To apply,

    1) complete your LIHEAP application with AEOA (Outside of Duluth call (800)662-5711, City of Duluth call (218)623-3011)

    2) Go online or call a CARE Representative (218) 355-3500 to fill out the CARE application

  • In MN Power service area, all households, regardless of income, qualify for a FREE Home Energy Analysis. You’ll receive energy-saving products and a detailed action plan to stop wasting energy in your daily activities at home. Request your home energy audit online
  • Eco3 is a non-profit providing a similar service for income-qualified residents of Duluth. 

For Cook County residents, we are unaware of a non-income restricted weatherization program.  AEOA offers weatherization for income-eligible residents. Arrowhead Electric does offer rebates for energy saving installations.

  • Guide for Northern Gardeners 
  • Homeowner Landscaping Resources 
  • Lawns to Legumes grant
  • Trees
    • If a tree is touching power lines, contact your power company. Minnesota Power has a routine vegetation maintenance cycle. They trim and/or remove vegetation that interferes with electric facilities.
    • If trees at your Community Land Trust home are growing into power lines, and it appears that the trees must be cut, please call Minnesota Power at 1-800-228-4966. A Minnesota Power representative will visit the property and evaluate the trees for trimming or removal that interfere with electric lines. In some cases Minnesota Power may cut the tree down, trim branches or offer to drop the customer service wire so that they or a contractor can perform the work. Minnesota Power does not clean up any type of tree debris for this work.
    • If a tree has been damaged in some manner (storm, disease, fire) Minnesota Power may cut the tree down, trim branches or remove the hazard to restore electric service. Minnesota Power does not clean up any tree debris. Cleanup is the responsibility of the customer that owns the tree. Call the CLT Stewardship Associate if you need a list of tree service companies.

Making some renovations to your home and signing up for services can help you remain in your home. Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity has put together a guide for Aging In Place that you can download for free on their website. Share this guide with your loved ones and contractors. Western Lake Superior Habitat for Humanity serves Carlton, South St. Louis, Lake and Cook counties with their Age In Place program. Other local services include Age Well Arrowhead (a paid service): 218-623-7800 and Senior Linkage Line (information line): 800-333-2433

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