When a One Roof homeowner is ready to sell their home, they pay forward the opportunity for another income-qualified buyer to own a home. In exchange for buying a home at an affordable price, the homeowner agreed to sell the home at an affordable price.

The home remains affordable by the current homeowner sharing the market equity based upon an independent appraisal. The homeowner receives 25% of any market equity while the other 75% remains with the home, recycling the initial financial investment in the that allowed the current homeowner to purchase the home at a below-market-value price.

Notify One Roof of your intent to sell and we’ll get the process underway.

Home Resale Roadmap

You may choose to work with One Roof’s licensed realtors, Yoana Sol and Jim Philbin, to sell your home, or any area realtor. If working with an area realtor, be sure they know your home is a Community Land Trust home as they will need to follow all of the Land Trust program guidelines, that is: the home listed at the resale formula price, to an income qualified homebuyer, who meets the Land Trust program requirements of purchasing a Community Land Trust home found here. Typically, the seller pays the realtor a commission.

When a homeowner wants to sell their home, a formula is used to determine the sale price. The Resale Formula preserves the affordability for the next income-qualified homebuyer. The resale formula gives the One Roof homeowner 100% of your earned equity (the amount you’ve paid down on your mortgage) PLUS 25% of any market equity determined by an independent appraisal at time of sale. Reference Land Lease Article 10 for more about selling your home; 10.11 for the resale formula.

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